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Aksharantar: Open Indic-language Transliteration datasets and models for the Next Billion Users

Yash Madhani and 7 other authors

tagE: Enabling an Embodied Agent to Understand Human Instructions​

Tapas Nayak and 3 other authors

The Vision Thing: Finding and Pursuing your Research Passion

Raymond Mooney

Learning Performance Maximizing Ensembles with Explainability Guarantees

Vincent Pisztora and 1 other author

Learn to Follow: Decentralized Lifelong Multi-Agent Pathfinding via Planning and Learning

Alexey Skrynnik and 4 other authors

NeSyFOLD: A Framework for Interpretable Image Classification

Parth Padalkar and 2 other authors

Adaptive Anytime Multi-Agent Path Finding Using Bandit-Based Large Neighborhood Search

Thomy Phan and 2 other authors

Pantypes: Diverse Representatives for Self-Explainable Models

Rune Kjærsgaard and 2 other authors

Students’ Perceptions and Preferences of Generative Artificial Intelligence Feedback for Programming

Zhengdong Zhang and 5 other authors

A Chain-of-Thought Prompting Approach with LLMs for Evaluating Students’ Formative Assessment Responses in Science | VIDEO

Clayton Cohn and 3 other authors

Enhancing Student Performance Prediction on Learnersourced Questions with SGNN-LLM Synergy

Lin Ni and 6 other authors

Bidirectional Temporal Plan Graph: Enabling Switchable Passing Orders for More Efficient Multi-Agent Path Finding Plan Execution

Yifan Su and 2 other authors

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