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A Comprehensive Evaluation of Large Language Models on Legal Judgment Prediction

Ruihao Shui and 3 other authors

The Law and NLP: Bridging Disciplinary Disconnects

Robert Mahari and 3 other authors

Eyes Show the Way: Modelling Gaze Behaviour for Hallucination Detection

Kishan Maharaj and 4 other authors

Semantic Similarity Models for Depression Severity Estimation | VIDEO

Anxo Perez and 4 other authors

CaseEncoder: A Knowledge-enhanced Pre-trained Model for Legal Case Encoding | VIDEO

Yixiao Ma and 4 other authors

What to Read in a Contract? Party-Specific Summarization of Legal Obligations, Entitlements, and Prohibitions

Abhilasha Sancheti and 3 other authors

Cognitive Dissonance: Why Do Language Model Outputs Disagree with Internal Representations of Truthfulness?

Kevin Liu and 3 other authors

Dolphin: A Challenging and Diverse Benchmark for Arabic NLG

El Moatez Billah Nagoudi and 3 other authors

SYMPTOMIFY: Transforming Symptom Annotations with Language Model Knowledge Harvesting

Bosung Kim and 1 other author

InterFair: Debiasing with Natural Language Feedback for Fair Interpretable Predictions

Bodhisattwa Prasad Majumder and 2 other authors

Annotation Sensitivity: Training Data Collection Methods Affect Model Performance

Christoph Kern and 5 other authors

Exploiting Contrastive Learning and Numerical Evidence for Confusing Legal Judgment Prediction

Leilei Gan and 7 other authors

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