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Scientific Conferences Only

Scientific Conferences Only

That is all we do. All day, every day. No other types of events. We specialize in making your scientific conference successful, whether in person, hybrid or virtual.

Savings & Revenue

Savings & Revenue

With our expertise in over 300 conferences, we know how to save you money and grow your conference. For example, we offer significant savings on one of your largest budget items (Audio/Visual) including the hybrid/remote options.

White-Glove Service

White-Glove Service

Scientific conference organisers are busy. We are the experts and sweat the details. Our clients trust us to provide the highest level of detail-oriented services to make sure the attendees and presenters are happy.

Your pursuit of an unforgettable conference begins here

Tired of mediocre conference experiences? Your journey towards organizing groundbreaking scientific conferences begins at Underline Events. We’re fully committed to your success, merging our in-depth expertise with a collaborative approach to ensure your conference surpasses the most ambitious expectations.

Our mission: To help you host an event that not only educates, but captivates.

Power of partnership

Ignite the power of partnership

At Underline Events, we endorse the power of collaboration as the key to extraordinary science conferences.

As your reliable ally, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. We fuse our expertise with your vision, creating a dynamic partnership that transcends the ordinary. The outcome? A scientific conference that leaves a lasting legacy.

Free guide to make your event stand out

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Experience the underline difference:

Our exclusive White-Glove Service

Ease the burden of conference planning with our unrivaled White-Glove Service. Our dedicated team integrates with yours, managing every detail to ensure your event runs smoothly.

From meticulous planning to on-the-spot coordination, we've got your back, allowing you to concentrate on creating a breathtaking conference that will leave your attendees spellbound.

Adapt to every conference format with our tailored service

Virtual, hybrid, or live - whatever your need, our flexible solutions cater to it. Our comprehensive range of services ensures your conference realizes its full potential, regardless of the format.

Virtual Events

Engage audiences online with immersive features like virtual lounges, live chat and interactive presentations.

Hybrid Events

Merge the allure of in-person events with robust online engagement, ensuring optimum audience participation.

In-Person Events

Craft unforgettable physical experiences with cutting-edge technology and expert stage management.

Maximize your event's impact with Underline's complete Audio-Visual services

Get top-tier audio-visual quality at controlled costs. Our seasoned team delivers seamless production, from equipment to expert consultations.

Extending your conference

Engaging collaboration 24/7

Event preview

The Underline platform provides this “container” for each lecture that includes the video, poster, abstract, paper and slides in one place, along with ongoing Q&A that continues after the conference.

Turn your conference into a revenue-generating platform

Underline Events presents a golden opportunity to monetize your conference. Apart from our consultancy services, we provide a revolutionary prospect to convert your conference content and videos into profitable assets.

Our sales virtuosos will transform your intellectual assets into robust revenue streams, making your conference not only a splendid experience but also a profitable venture.

Event preview

Free guide to make your event stand out

“How (Else) Can I Monetize My Next Academic Conference“

Take the reins of your conference success

Engage with Underline Events, and you’ll be steering your conference towards an extraordinary level of success. Our collaboration promises unmatched expertise, enabling you to curate a conference that leaves a lasting impression on attendees and the scientific community alike.

Reach out now to unlock the endless potential of your conference with Underline Events. Together, we will raise your conference to unparalleled heights, leaving a lasting legacy in the scientific community.

Join the esteemed ranks of conference organizers who have leveraged our exceptional collaboration to achieve remarkable success. Your journey to transform your conference begins here.

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